Sherri has been a professional phtographer since 2010. She has taken photos her entire life and she was always encouraged to make it a profession. She loves nature and looks for unusual and unique perspectives when on a shoot.

Her dream is to travel with National Geographic to photograph the world. She loves people and traveling and loves to share the world's beauty with others. 


Our Photos & Price Packages

*All photos are digital and sent via email or downloaded from site (password protected)

Individual, Senior, Families, Pets & Action

$350 Includes 2 hour photo shoot and 25 photos to print and share (Photoshop work included)


Starting price $1,200 (4 hours + 25 photos, Photoshop work included) *all digital photos available

*extra hours $45 per hour (10 min or 1 hr, same price)

*extra photos $25 ea. with photoshop work

Photographer & Artist:

Sherri Weeks

*All photos are delivered electronically. If you would like anything printed, we will send you a quote to meet your needs.

Sherri will add fun, colorful or elegant design elements with Photoshop as requested. Also, since Sherri is an artist, you may commission an original art piece on canvas of your favorite photo(s)! Check out our gallery SOON to see examples of unique art photo pieces.


$200 Includes CAPTURING THAT SPECIAL MOMENT,  1 hour photo shoot of couple and 25 photos to print and share (Photoshop work included)

Need Help Planning that SPECIAL Proposal?

$600 Includes us helping you execute the plan! We will arrange the place, get flowers, special dessert or music etc.... We meet with you and help you plan the perfect proposal. 

*Includes the 1 hr photo shoot and 25 photos to print or share. (Price may vary upon requested items)

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